The Benefits of Metasearch as a marketing channel

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The Benefits of Metasearch

Thursday, 13th December 2018

Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, CC Search, StartPage. Every day, countless search engines are used to scan, rank, and navigate the infinities of the Internet.

In crowded cyber space, flooded with dynamic content and flashy ad campaigns, how do you make your brand stand out? This is particularly challenging when online information is accessed and filtered through a variety of search engines.

The solution? Metasearch.

Metasearch engines accumulate and categorise the essential data produced across a host of popular search engine sites. They do so by sending out simultaneous, automated queries to the likes of Google and Bing, and compiling their top search results into a master list.

The tool functions as an additional, highly effective marketing channel for your hotel. When direct links to the key metasearch platforms are complemented by well-managed campaigns, RevPar is strengthened, brand awareness is supported, your relationship with your guests is reinforced, and yield bookings are higher, coming in at a competitive cost.

In 2019, it is forecasted that the hotel industry will experience increased growth in direct bookings as a result of metasearch. If used optimally, hotels could seize the opportunity to be on level playing field with, or otherwise gain leverage over OTA’s.

But enough speculation. The proof is in the results.

Following In1 Solutions’ increased emphasis on metasearch in 2018, overall annual return increased by 50.2% when compared to the previous October. For a total spend of €1,553, metasearch generated more than €22,684 in revenue, yielding a conversion rate of 8.69%.

In1 Solutions provides a full digital service to the Ashling Hotel Dublin. When analysing cost of sale for meta in isolation, it stands at 6.84%, well below that of OTA’s.

Traffic driven by metasearch engines tripled from 2014 to 2017. With every passing year, these numbers grow stronger. Get in on the action. Contact In1 Solutions today.