Did Someone Say “Complimentary Website Mock-Up”?

Aug 8, 2023 | Latest News

Thinking of updating your website? This is the sign you’ve been looking for. Our Design Team will happily create a complimentary mock-up for your business before progressing to build stage. That way, we ensure we’ve locked in the direction you want to take your website and truly understand your business’ unique needs.

In1 Solutions produces world-class websites. Our work speaks for itself, but if you’re on the fence about whether to revamp your website, we’ve compiled a list of benefits, certain to inform your decision: 

1. Responsiveness: To maintain customer attention, your website needs to be optimised across all browsers and devices. There’s nothing more frustrating or off-putting than a website that doesn’t display properly on mobile or omits crucial content owing to the browser being used.

2. Improved ranking: Search engines such as Google and Bing prioritise websites with well-written, concise content and high functionality. Update your website and watch as it climbs through the search engine ranks, grabbing customer attention ahead of your competitors.

3. Increased security: As hackers and scammers strengthen their nefarious methods, online businesses need to stay one step ahead to mitigate risk. Increase your website’s security by eliminating outdated plug-ins and regularly reviewing your security measures.

4. Keep things fresh: Your website is your corporate identity online. First impressions matter. If your website looks old, disorganised, or outdated, it reflects poorly on your business. By keeping things fresh and new, it implies your business operations pride themselves on doing the same.

5. React to market demands: Over 70% of customers shop online. If you’re a hotel looking to maximise direct bookings, for example, only a fraction of travellers will contact you by phone. As a result, your website and online booking technology need to be responsive and modern. Otherwise, you risk losing out to competitors with a stronger online presence. There’s a lot of choice out there!

6. Gather data: By equipping your new website with analytics, you’ll get a strong feel for your customer base. Discover where your traffic comes from, customer gender, age, location, and more. This will inform future, targeted marketing campaigns to ensure you get maximum response and engagement.

7. Enhanced flexibility: Modern content management systems make content creation easy! Need to make an amendment to your website or advertise a new offering? Do it in seconds with the latest version of WordPress CMS.

8. Information at their fingertips: By adding your address, phone number, email, operating hours, social media pages, reviews, and other essential information to your website, customers will have all the information they require to readily engage with you. You can also add an Instant Messaging function, allowing visitors to get in touch with you instantly via your website’s chatbox.

9. Expand your loyalty network: Encourage website visitors to follow you on social media, subscribe to your blog, watch your YouTube videos, sign up for your ezine or newsletter. If done well, you’ll greatly expand your network. Posting regular updates will have customers coming back for more.

10. Move with the times: No matter how exemplary your offering, technology is the great equaliser. Countless businesses have a powerful online presence. You can’t afford to miss out, especially as the next generation becomes increasingly tech savvy with every passing day. Your website needs to perform optimally to keep customer attention and prevent them from taking their business elsewhere. 

In1 Solutions’ websites are chock full of marvellously modern functionality. We keep our clients ahead of the curve in a fast-paced online world. Looking for a website that turns heads and secures sales? Contact us today on