A holistic approach to digital and physical gift cards


At In1 Solutions, we pride ourselves, not only on responding to developments in technology, but anticipating them.
We stay ahead of the curve. With our help, you can, too.

After three decades of successful business online, we have found the key to success:
High performance in the international gifting industry.

In 2019, gift card sales in the United States raked in an astronomical $160 billion. Meanwhile, the UK voucher market is worth an estimated £6 billion per annum.

Online shopping is increasingly prevalent with every passing year.


Our gifting solution is easy-to-use for both customer and hotelier.

It is designed with functionality in mind, is fully customisable, and can be seamlessly integrated into your hotel website. Fitting your brand and existing design perfectly!

Our technology encompasses digital and physical gift cards.

Customers can store virtual vouchers on their Apple or Google Wallet for easy access.

And our technology is loyalty program compatible, so you can entice and reward repeat customers.


Multiple Denominations

Why limit your potential? Our gifting solution facilitates the sale of vouchers across multiple denominations

Weekend Breaks or Short Stays

Maximise the sale of gift vouchers for short getaways and unforgettable experiences

Send by Post or E-mail

Give customers the option to send the voucher to the lucky recipient by post or by email

Customised Designs

We specialise in carefully tailored, custom voucher and voucher engine designs to complement your existing website and unique branding

Easy User Interface

Who knew such an advanced solution could be so easy to use? Easily update the voucher title, description, and images to become more alluring to potential guests


Gain the ability to link to a specific voucher category – for example, spa breaks, dining experiences, bed and breakfast

Custom Landing Pages

Link to custom landing pages for individual vouchers or voucher categories

Targeted PPC

Experience online success as never before with targeted PPC campaigns, online reports, and accounting


Share and promote your new gifting solution easily via social media platforms and invite your customers to do the same

Digital Marketing

Spread the word on an unprecedented scale with e-zines, re-marketing ads, email banners, and more

Secure Payment Gateway

Offer your customers complete peace of mind with secure payment gateway for debit/credit cards, including Stripe, SagePay, Realex, and Paypal

Refund Vouchers

Things change and plans get cancelled. Keep cashflow in your business by using our refund voucher system

Gift Card Configurated Headings

Available to use in our IMC and can be enabled for all or specific voucher types

Dynamic Voucher Landing Pages

Our gifting solution supports live feeds to website landing pages. These can be based around categories or seasonal offerings

Voucher Variation and Pooling

Vouchers with the same core offering can be grouped under one front-end voucher pool

Bulk Buy Gift Vouchers

Encourage the bulk buying of vouchers as corporate gifts, employee rewards or customer incentives

Custom Headings

Take full control. We’ve added Gift Card Custom Headings for easier updating

Set Bulk Rows

Our configuration now allows you to set bulk rows from 1 – 1000

Remove Optional Controls

Remove optional controls e.g. All, Price Controls, Display controls, where not necessary

Increased Voucher Descriptions

You can now show more default lines of text in voucher description

Sell Additional Services Online

Encourage guests to add additional services to their cart before clicking “Buy Now”. That way, their stay will meet their every need. All the while, your revenue skyrockets.

Customer Pays Prior to Arrival

By the time the client arrives, everything is in place! Having already paid online by debit or credit card, all that’s left for them to do is check-in and enjoy their stay.

Apply Unique Images and Descriptions

Add unique, alluring images and descriptions to each service to make the temptation even more magnetic!

Pre-Arrival Email

Opt to send pre-arrival email to clients, offering a host of add-on services. Remind them it isn’t too late to customise their stay before they arrive at reception!

Confirmation Email

All additional services purchased by the guest are listed and priced in a confirmation e-mail.

183% growth in gift card sales over the festive period

This figure reflects 26 November to 26 December 2021 versus the same period in 2020. This does not include revenue for new clients who signed up in 2021, only previously existing partners.

Meanwhile, 2021 versus 2019 saw 159% growth.

Like everything we do, this is about our clients’ growth, not ours.

Managing Cash Flow in Times of Crisis:
The Power of In1’s Integrated Voucher Solution

The hospitality industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Managing your cash flow is more important than ever.

Gift vouchers are an ingenious, measurable, and reliable way to generate cash flow while planning for a return to growth in the future.

Look ahead to a time when customers can redeem their vouchers and enjoy all your property has to offer.

Need a little support in promoting vouchers as a safe and secure gift solution? Click below to find out more. We’d like nothing more than to lend a hand when businesses need it most.

In1 Gifting Solution Up and Running? Congratulations!

You’re about to experience unprecedented sales. Check out our tips on how to maximise voucher revenue!


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