Seasonal Promotions

In order to maximise the level of business your property receives throughout the year, it is important to have promotional campaigns for each season ready well in advance and optimised to drive the highest returns.

Below is a quick checklist of just some of the elements which can be included into your online offering, as well as some  seasonal up-dates which can be easily made to a variety of elements to ensure that your content is viewed by your target market as fresh, enticing and relevant.


Checkbox-image Website Imagery

Ensure that imagery on your website has been updated to reflect the coming season. If target markets change with the seasons, then adapt the imagery to suit  – i.e. if a move from Family Breaks to Spa Breaks for the Girls or to Active Age breaks then some of the imagery on the home page and key internal pages of the site should be up-dated to reflect both the season and the target markets


Checkbox-image Ezines

If you are using template designs, then give them a seasonal up-date with some new imagery to reflect the season or promotional offer. If you use one-off designs then up-date your suite of ezine communications for the coming 6 months with a dedicated ezines that reflect either the date of the promotion or the dedicated offering, such as a Midterm Family Break ezine, a Halloween ezine, Chirstmas Vouchers, Christmas Parties etc.


Checkbox-image Landing Pages

For each promotional campaign it is a good idea to create dedicated landing pages to help improve the conversion rate. These can support an ezine, paid advertising, offline advertising, pop-ups etc. Both the language used, the dedicated optimisation and the imagery for these pages should reflect both the season and the offer and will help to improve the overall performance of each of the campaigns they support.


Checkbox-image SEO

A review of the content of the website should include a look at dedicated seasonal pages to ensure that they have been optimised for each seasonal offering, whether it is Autumn Family Breaks or Christmas Party Nights, if they are well optimised and the content reflects the offering and the season, then targeted SEO should help the general performance of the website for each season.


Checkbox-image Paid Advertising

Paid adverts or your Adwords should be up-dated on a regular basis to ensure they reflect the offers and rates you are looking to actively promote each month. Other elements such as Re-marketing ads and dedicated landing pages, should also be up-dated to reflect the season and offers that are key for that period. That includes up-dating imagery, content and pricing on a monthly basis to ensure your paid advertising campaigns are working hard for you each season.


Checkbox-image Social Media

Whichever platforms you are actively promoting your hotel on, it pays to have a promotional calendar that looks at both the seasons and the target markets and schedules communications to ensure they are well timed to meet the specific objectives for each channel and niche market. Having it all laid out on a promotional calendar makes it easier to plan well in advance and ensure that no seasonal opportunities are overlooked.