SEO Tips 2017

The area of SEO is constantly evolving  with Google regularly up-dating its algorithms. In recent years updates have included Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Pigeon and these frequent changes to algorithms means that SEO is an evolving science, requiring us to keep abreast of changes to ensure we get the most from organic searches. Some of the elements that will drive an effective SEO strategy for 2017 include

1. Invest in ContentSocial content / User Engagement  – create quality content throughout the site, with a defined strategy for regularly updating and enhancing that content throughout the year and strengthening it with relative links. Optimising your website to ensure that is not only attracts visitors, but engages them and encourages interaction, with social sharing now increasingly important.

2. Optimise for Featured Snippets, Rich Answers and Featured Content – Enhancing your SEO and content and fully utilising the opportunities for enhanced search that Video and images offer, will strengthen your chances for appearing in various Googlefeatured content sections. Better user engagement on your website will also support this as well as growing online conversions.

3. HTTPS Protocol – Although  Google has not yet seemed to place as much focus on the secure HTTPS protocol over HTTP as part of their ranking criteria, as had been expected, it would  be worth considering a move to HTTPS from HTTP to support improved rankings as Google place increased emphasis on this element of site structure.

4. Mobile Keeps on Growing – 2016 saw huge growth in mobile searches and with the sheer volume in mobile searches now online it is vital to have a well defined mobile content / SEO strategy in place. In1 Solutions offer both fully responsive websites as well as dedicated mobile websites and booking engines. All designed and structured to perform optimally on all devices.

5. Social Content & Brand Mentions – As part of an inbound link strategy Google focuses on brand mentions rather than mere keywords and implementing an effective brand advocacy program for your hotel will support your SEO initiative. It is important that the brand mentions are from a mix of sources and can be linked or non-linked. In1 Solutions’ Brand Advocacy product, can help to support brand awareness and references on social media. Use the power of social media to get people talking about and engaging with your brand.

5. Fully utilise Imagery and Videos on your site – Having a selection of optimised videos on your site and a good selection of imagery with a site that is enabled for “Enhanced Image Search” will all support your Google rankings.  Videos are a great way of keeping audience engaged and entertained and can improve the ranking of your page on the SERPs.  A report by Marketing Land states that “videos make for 62% of all Google searches universally. Moreover, Google has started giving attention to blended results/searches.”

6. Faster is Better – Google take into consideration the overall speed of the site for rankings and you should ensure that your site performs optimally by having a good hosting package, ensuring that images are correctly compressed  and videos properly embedded.