Custom Fields – Slideshows

Below the page text editor you will notice a ‘Custom Fields’ area. If this is not automatically displayed click on the ‘Screen Options’ button at the top-right of the page and check the ‘Custom Fields’ box.

The first Custom Field which should be added is ‘gallery’. This is what displays the main slideshow images on each page. After clicking ‘Add New Custom Field’ select gallery from the drop-down menu. If this does not appear in the menu you can just type the word ‘gallery’. Enter the gallery number in the box to the right. If you wish to change the slideshow displayed on a page just replace the slideshow number in this field with the number of the gallery you wish to display. Galleries can be viewed in the ‘Manage Gallery’ filed under ‘Gallery’ in the navigation bar on the left.

If your site uses uBillboard to display slideshows on its pages, the custom field you will need to use is ‘billboard_name’.

The value for this custom field is the name of the billboard you wish to use.

All billboards can be viewed in the ‘uBillboard’ section of the navigation menu.