Adding or editing a Featured Image

A Featured Image is normally used to display a main image on a post or a secondary image on a page (separate to the larger, main image). You can add or edit the featured image of a page or post from the ‘Featured Image’ section of the text editor.

To add a new Featured Image, click ‘Set featured image’ and select the file from your PC which you want to use.

When you upload or select the image you want to use, be sure to click ‘Use as featured image’ and not ‘Insert into Post’ button.

Clicking ‘Remove featured image’ will remove the current image and give you the option of setting a new one. You can add a new image from your PC or the media library of images already loaded to the site.

When uploading a new image be sure to check whether or not there are restrictions on the size of image which can be used…there usually are! Images which are not the correct size may seem stretched; large images may take time to display and will affect the loading time of your site.