It’s Personal: 5 Tips to Establishing Brand Identity

May 7, 2019 | Latest News

Next time you embark on your weekly shopping excursion, stop and take a look around. You’ll quickly notice supermarket walls awash with off-brand alternatives that refuse to compromise on quality. This sharp incline in almost indecipherable substitutions is said to be resulting in the eradication of brand loyalty. When the products on offer are next to identical, what’s one faceless corporation from another?

A defining factor that unites the food and hospitality industries? Choice. Your hotel may be one option of hundreds. Or even thousands. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the same trap. Don’t end up getting shelved in lieu of the cheap and cheerful. Draw attention to what’s unique about your hotel. What you can offer customers that no other establishment can.

It all comes down to brand identity. Here’s five top tips on how to enhance your relationship with your guests, along with your reputation online.

Introduce yourselves. Your company tapestry is weaved by a team of real people. Remind your guests that they are in safe hands. Encourage staff to introduce themselves, whether it’s in person or over email. Include team photos on your website. Even consider electing a brand ambassador. It’s those who devote themselves to making your brand the best it can be that deserve to be at the forefront.


Reward loyalty. Build a community by offering sincere thanks to those who choose to frequent your establishment. Be it reduced rates, a point scheme, or a membership card, appreciation for continued custom never goes unnoticed.


Host a competition. Photo contests are amongst the most beneficial for both parties involved. Encourage guests to take a few snaps of your hotel and post them on Instagram, tagging their location and making use of hashtags. Offer prizes for the best entries. Everyone appreciates the gratitude attached to a complimentary dinner or overnight stay. All the while, you generate free publicity for your hotel and a wealth of promotional content.


Make it personal. Pay close attention to your analytics. Respond to the needs and wants of your customer base by tailoring your website functionality, advertising methods, and special offers to suit their preferences.


Host an event. Does your hotel have a function room? Why not invite members or locals to a special event, just for them? Potential guests see what your hotel has to offer while regulars experience it in a whole new way. Perhaps the kitchen could offer up some taster platters, enticing crowds with what the onsite restaurant cooks up on the daily. The event, a product of gratitude, will inspire further gratitude. That can only be a good thing.

At In1 Solutions, we know it’s the little things that matter. Those personal touches that show appreciation. Keeping in the spirit of things, we’d like to say “thank you” for reading and we wish you the best of luck with engaging your guests.