Why Email Marketing Should Top Your Priority List

May 13, 2019 | Latest News

The Internet. The “network of networks”. The boundless information superhighway with which we are thoroughly familiar. Its invention dates back to 1983, but only in 1990 did the World Wide Web come to fruition. Soon afterwards, emails began hopping from inbox to inbox, and by 1996, webmail services such as Hotmail were gaining serious traction.

Who would have guessed, more than two decades later, email would reign supreme? Against all odds, (namely, the advent of social media) email marketing remains the most pervasive and often, most persuasive, mode of mass communication. Its demise was predicted long ago. In 2019, however, wielding its power for marketing purposes tends to produce the highest return on investment when compared to alternative modes of online marketing, including social media. Clearly, there’s something to be said for personalisation.

According to The Guardian, the average commuter is likely to see approximately 3,500 advertisements per day. We have become accustomed to passive consumption. To filtering out the noise and setting our sights on the products and service that pertain to us. That’s where email comes in.

Emails are private, tailored to user preferences, and following the implementation of GDPR, permission-based. Customers are selective about what arrives in their inbox. Those enchanted by your property will want to hear from you, and as a result, are more likely to respond positively to marketing materials.

Consider the tactics used by airlines. They assimilate their brand with adventure. News of sales is dispatched frequently, fitted with eye-catching subject lines and a countdown clock, enhancing the peril of missing out: “Hurry! Sale must end in 48 hours!”

Don’t forget, you too are in the business of adventure. Booking the perfect, escapist hotel evokes similar sentiments of possibility and excitement. A guest’s hotel is the base from which they conduct their exploration. It provides comfort at the end of a long day and luxuries rarely experienced at home.

Generate a mailing list to keep customers in the loop. Work that email marketing magic by dispatching newsletters, press releases, and special offers on the regular. The strategy enhances social media marketing and vice versa!

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