Maximise Your Social Media Management

May 15, 2019 | Latest News

You don’t need reminding. Everyone knows that establishing a pervasive presence on social media is essential in the modern age. It has become as ingrained in our marketing minds as the importance of having a direct telephone phone line for your hotel. That knowledge is only enhanced when we anticipate and embrace the inevitable evolution of the online world.

Not long ago, a simple social media presence consisting of a Facebook page fitted with a “Contact us” button was enough to carve out a space in the social consciousness. Now, in an increasingly competitive market, your hotel must appear more engaged to rise to the top. Consider implementing the following strategies into your social media marketing strategy.


Omnichannel Marketing: Blog posts, email newsletters, Facebook announcements, and Instagram photos are all invaluable tools when it comes to advertising your hotel. But limiting yourself to these traditional advertising channels leaves a lot of ground uncovered. Keep up the good work but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Omnichannel Marketing advises its users to assert brand identity across every available channel. Why not set up a podcast, record a vlog, or develop a mobile app? Once you’ve shaken things up a bit, don’t forget to announce your new venture across social media platforms!


Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat Stories: Be sure to click that little “Story” icon at the top of your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat page from time to time. It’s the perfect tool for creating a consistent flow of content. The photos and videos you post only last for 24-hours, functioning as a magnet for those of us with a major fear of missing out.


Social Messaging Apps: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have approximately 1.3 billion monthly active users. Each. Sure, email certainly isn’t going anywhere but these messaging apps benefit from speed and familiarity. With over 50 billion messages being sent per day via WhatsApp, your hotel simply can’t afford not to set up an account. Imagine how quickly customer queries could be resolved!

A successful social media strategy is not only about visibility, but accessibility. Your guests should be able to see what’s new at your hotel and get in contact at the click of a button. When done right, the former will entice the latter. If you’d appreciate advice or assistance in getting your innovative ideas off the ground, click here to contact In1 Solutions today!