How Can A/B Split Testing Impact Your Website?

May 20, 2019 | Latest News

It’s the little things that make up life. Just as it’s the little details that elevate your website. Sure, eye-catching design, well-written copy, and responsive navigation are the keys to success, but once the essential framework is established and sturdy, set your sights on more nuanced features to maximise engagement.

Don’t want to rock the boat by flipping your current website design on its head? No problem. A/B Split Testing is risk-free and low cost, boasting high return on investment. The strategy allows you to test two (A/B) – or four (A/B/C/D) – versions of a single campaign simultaneously.

For argument’s sake, let’s say, on your current website, the “Book Now” button is displayed across the menu bar. What would happen if you migrated it to the centre of the home page? Would it attract more attention? Would bookings increase as a result? With A/B Split Testing, findings are easily deduced.

Build the two campaigns with both leading to the same “Book Now” landing page. One displays the “Book Now” button in the menu, the other displays it on the home page. Split your audience into two comparably sized groups, testing one variation of the page on each, over a significant enough period for the reading to be accurate. From there, you can see which design performs better and subsequently, take potentially transformative action.

A/B Split Testing can be achieved with the help of Google Analytics or Hubspot, amongst others. Benefits of updating your website in accordance with test results include increased traffic, higher conversion rate, and in the case of payment screens, significant decrease in a phenomenon called, “shopping cart abandonment.” A 2016 analysis by MightyCall indicated that 40% – 75% of online shoppers abandon a web page with items in their shopping cart. Keep your design as user-friendly as possible to prevent this happening with room reservations and hotel voucher sales.

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