Honesty is the Best Policy: Why Booking Direct is Crucial

May 30, 2019 | Latest News

As a privately-owned Irish company, at In1 Solutions, we’re all about looking out for the little guy. After successfully overcoming three decades worth of obstacles, we understand the challenges associated with making your mark in the vastly competitive hospitality industry.

Honesty, perseverance, and a dedicated team of professionals have gotten us where we are today. That, and the continued custom of our valued clientele. To stay afloat, a company needs customers, just as a hotel needs guests. Around here, we have a mantra. Four little words that carry significant weight. They may seem dauting at first, but not with us by your side. Are you up to the challenge?

In that case, it’s time to “Take Back Your Guests.”

It’s tough enough out here without having to pay sizeable commission fees to OTAs. After bouts of dishonesty, it looks like the game is changing.

According to a recent article on Travel Mole, featuring industry findings by Which?, OTAs have been found to use fabricated discounts, tailored search results, and pressure tactics to secure bookings. Persuasive statements such as “One room left at this price” and “Booked five times in the last hour” were often unfounded. For example, upon further investigation, a room that an OTA advertised as “the last” available at a certain price was one of seven others listed on the hotel’s own website.

Additionally, there have been incidents of hotel taxes and destination fees being excluded from the final cost. As a result, the OTA has advertised itself as the cheaper booking option, only for guests to pay the difference upon arrival. On top of that, several of the purported savings posted have been based on the most expensive option available online, rather than the average booking price.

The moral of the story? Book Direct. It’s the best option for hotelier and customer alike. Don’t be behind the door when it comes to advertising the copious benefits thereof. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Try offering incentives to get things moving, such as a bottle of prosecco on arrival or a complimentary room upgrade.

At In1 Solutions, we’re experts at driving revenue directly to your property. Contact us today and take the first step towards Taking Back Your Guests.