Content Marketing – Do You Have Your Strategy in Place?

Jan 25, 2019 | Latest News

Thursday, 4th of October 2012

In a competitive online marketplace, where customer focused content is being created and promoted by companies at an increasing rate, the need for an effective marketing strategy is greater than ever. It must be both creative and engaging to capture the user’s attention.

Ensure that your campaigns are micro-targeted, personalised, authentic, and transparent when it comes to the “how and why” of your hotel’s philosophies and backstory. Combine this with strong visual elements and the best channel of communication, and you’ll reach the right audience at the right time.

The marketing individual responsible for managing your campaigns needs to be a technologist as well as a creative. This will ensure that online tools and channels are utilised to their optimum capacity, with artistic innovation seamlessly complementing technological prowess. All essential ingredients to an effective online marketing mix.

The content on your hotel website should encourage people to link to it and share it across the wide spectrum of social platforms. Try to encourage engagement and layers within the content so that a visitor is enticed to delve deeper.

Rather than the out-dated purchasing of links to enhance your SERPs, there will be more emphasis on content sharing between different brands, products, and publishers. However, the important factor will be not to treat your content as a commodity. With each property reflecting the common denominator of “2B&B 1D” within their general content, ensure that yours stands out in order to differentiate your brand.