How to Protect Your Brand Online

Jan 25, 2019 | Latest News

Wednesday, 23rd August 2015

There is no “one approach fits all” action that can be taken to protect your brand online. In many instances, promotion of your brand by third parties can be beneficial, for example, one-off joint marketing campaigns. Listed below are some good practice suggestions:

  • Be vigilant. Know who is actively promoting on your brand name online.

  • Categorise the different types of threats to your brand and devise an appropriate approach. For example, work to combat negative SEO or the utilisation of your brand name to divert online revenue to a third party.

  • Be pro-active in defending your brand. This may discourage larger companies taking advantage. Contact each company with clear definition of brand guidelines.

  • Protect your domains. Ensure that you maintain ownership of any domain that belongs to your company.

  • Engage in effective channel management. Third party channels and OTA’s drive considerable business to hotels. You need to be aware of how your product is being sold on each channel. Offer the best rate on your own site.

If the appropriate action is taken, your online brand will yield positive results, including staggering growth in direct bookings, revenue, and customer loyalty.