Cracking Gen Z

Feb 22, 2022 | Latest News

Gen Z, “Zoomers”, or simply put, those aged 18-25, are often classified by their lust for adventure and close relationship with technology. The Internet and social media have had a strong foothold in their lives since early childhood. As a result, they have their own way of engaging with content and won’t respond to the same modes of marketing used on the generations that went before them. Namely, Boomers and Millennials.

Boomers have a significant presence on Facebook. Millennials and Gen Z can both be found on Instagram, but with the latter group dominating apps such as Snapchat and TikTok. Know the audience you want to reach and adapt your marketing campaign accordingly. If your product appeals to the masses, advertise across all platforms, but in that instance, place extra emphasis on video content. From Boomers to Millennials to Gen Z, everyone is on YouTube.

Research shows Zoomers are drawn in by imagery. Sharing vibrant, varied, engaging photographs will grab their attention. However, this generation places a lot of emphasis on their health and are less likely to smoke, drink, have poor diets, or consume dangerous substances. They value their well-being and enjoy exercise. Hence, stock imagery showing groups drinking wine at dinner or eating ‘unhealthy’ foods as part of an indulgent holiday may not be as effective. Instead, outdoor activities, groups socialising, and the amenities that surround your hotel will be more magnetic.

When it comes to travel, Gen Z are in pursuit of unique, bucket-list experiences to serve and enrich their mental health. They often do their research via Smartphones, rather than calling a travel agent, using a desktop, or even more portable laptops or iPads. They also tend to rely on OTAs, such as Booking.

To earn their business and trust, your website needs to be mobile optimised. You should work with OTAs but also offer the best rate available online on your own website. Be transparent and promote booking direct across Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat to grab Gen Z attention and dispense with frustrating OTA commission costs. Gen Z want fast, reliable, and environmentally speaking, sustainable. Show you value their preferences.

When it comes to incorporating Gen Z technology and sustainability preferences, Stephen Joyce said the following (source: TravelMole):

“Zoomers are looking for a seamless online experience […] They are not used to websites that do not work, or that are heavy, clunky and don’t display properly on mobile […] Our generations are much more forgiving.”

“54% of Gen Z say that they want to stay in green or environmentally-friendly hotels. 60% of them want to use environmentally-friendly methods of transport when they’re in destination and 54% of them will pay more to use those services.”
“You need to walk the walk on your diversity, equity and inclusion policies.”

“They are hardworking, they are creative, and they are flexible. And they value mental health over materialism.”

These are sincere and admirable aspirations and consequently, Zoomers will know when a business’ marketing is sincere versus when it’s a cash-grab.

As Joyce points out, you can talk the talk in your marketing, but ensure you also walk the walk.