Creative Advertising: Every Day Can be a Holiday

Feb 16, 2022 | Latest News

As we move into springtime, it’s tempting to make a fuss out of the little things.

And why shouldn’t we?

The pandemic isn’t behind us, but cases are falling and restrictions are easing. In Ireland, the weather is dreary, but the evenings are getting brighter. We’re getting back into the swing of seeing friends and loved ones. People are heading back to the office but striking a better work-life balance by Zooming from home a few days a week.

We’re all looking for leisure and to make up for lost time.

A lot of customers, particularly young people, are using any excuse to celebrate life and all it has to offer. The last two years have been tough, so they’re making the most of now.

The online world is awash with campaigns, but unique modes of advertising never fail to stand out. It may seem trivial but celebrating something as simple as Pancake Tuesday could offer an original opportunity for fun!

Host a pancake decorating competition. Include crepes in your dessert for the month of March. Encourage social media followers to engage with your brand by using hashtags to share photos of their pancakes! Whether their time in the kitchen was a success or a disaster.

Advertise your ideas, get creative, and think outside the box.

Paddy’s Day is a few weeks away, but there’s nothing stopping us celebrating the moments of joy in between. Your business doesn’t have to wait for the showstoppers like Valentine’s Day or Christmas to promote your offering and boost sales.

Did you know today is National Almond Day? And National Margarita Day is a week away?

There’s always something worth celebrating at your property!