February: This Month’s #ClientSnapshot

Feb 29, 2024 | Latest News

Happy Leap Day! What better way to mark the occasion than by publishing our monthly #ClientSnapshot? Considering February 29th only arrives once every four years, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Not only will we be detailing one of our latest partnerships, we’ll also be giving updates on our technology, as well as a rare glimpse into what’s coming down the turnpike with our world-leading gifting solution. We normally keep these things top secret until development is complete. But where’s the harm in generating a little excitement and curiosity? So, grab a coffee, sit back, relax, and let’s review some key events from February.


New client: 1898 The Post, Belgium

Step through the doors of this historical building and step back in time. 1898 The Post is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Ghent, Belgium. This neo-gothic marvel was originally built for the 1913 World Fair. Implementing both medieval and Parisian stylistic influences, and operating from what was once a grand post office, 1898 The Post offers breath-taking experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Not to mention signature dining and cocktails onsite, making it the ideal location for relaxation.

Click here to visit the property’s website in anticipation of their upcoming gifting platform.


Technology update: Certified with FreedomPay

Given In1 Solutions’ international footprint, we partner with over 45 payment gateways worldwide. Security and ease-of-use are always our top priorities. This month, we are pleased to announce that we have added yet another payment gateway partner to our ever-growing repertoire: FreedomPay. If you’re searching for a new gift card provider and already make use of FreedomPay’s services, a collaboration with In1 Solutions just got even easier! Contact and we’ll get back to you within one business day to arrange a meeting.


Sneak peek: Gifting Solution developments

When it comes to our gifting technology, we never take our foot off the pedal. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a world-leading service provider by keeping our solutions ahead of the curve. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of development, not a day goes by without software enhancements. We’re pleased to announce, over the next quarter, we’ll be kicking those enhancements into overdrive. Get ready for increased backend functionality and a brand new look and feel across the In1 Solutions gifting platform. We’re talking more even more personalisation and customisation options, increased shopping cart functionality, links to further complement and enhance SEO, suggested vouchers based on customer preferences, and so, so much more. Watch this space. It’s going to be game-changing.


Unsurprisingly, we continue to be excited about what 2024 holds! This is only the beginning. As always, if you’re an existing customer looking to diversify your digital marketing techniques and grow your voucher sales, do not hesitate to reach out to us on We offer free, one-on-one consultations and will get back to your email within one business day. Similarly, if you’re new to In1 and on the hunt for a new gifting solution provider, please feel free to contact us. Our voucher platform is the perfect fit for accommodation providers, hotel groups, restaurants, retailers, large shopping malls, furniture stores, adventure experience outlets, and more.

See you next month!