Why Choose Us for Gift Cards?

Mar 4, 2024 | Latest News

Over the last five years, the gift voucher market has experienced enormous growth. According to, by 2032, it will be valued at USD 4,399.08 billion. Whether your business is big or small, gift cards deliver! The recent industry growth has been driven by customers craving experiences over tangible gifts. This is often fuelled by the growing appetite for more environmentally friendly gifting options. By equipping your website with In1 Solutions’ market-leading gifting technology, you’ll tick all the boxes for your guests, championing everything from consumer flexibility to convenience to sustainability. Becoming part of the In1 gifting ecosystem will catapult your brand to success. So, let’s talk about the how and the why:


Attract and Retain Customers.

Every voucher sale involves two customers: the buyer and the recipient. Legacy guests will often gift an experience voucher to friends or family. In doing so, they become brand advocates. Not only are they helping to expand your client base, they are also spreading the word about your offerings. The arrival of gift card recipients increases footfall to your property. Typically, these customers spend approximately 30% over and above the original value of their voucher. Positive experiences are guaranteed to increase ‘word of mouth’, which remains one of the most powerful ways to advertise.


Harness Guest Appreciation.

Sending loyal customers discount codes or exclusive links to early bird sales can make them feel appreciated. There’s no better feeling than being “in-the-know” while getting the best deal. Particularly during popular gifting season such as Christmas, Black Friday, and Valentine’s Day. The same can be said for incentives. Encourage guests to subscribe to your newsletter or complete a survey in return for a 10% discount on their next gift card purchase. This means increased revenue for you, while also growing your database of customer email addresses and garnering helpful feedback. A robust and ever-expanding list of contacts mean you can effectively market seasonal voucher offerings to a vast audience.


Ensure Protection for Guests, Reduce Fraud, and Retain Cash Flow.

Gift cards may be redeemed in a single transaction or over the course of several. In the latter case, the remaining balance is stored on the gift card for future use. This method eliminates cashback and enhances security. At In1 Solutions, security is always our top priority. Right from the get-go, the gift card purchase journey is SSL-secured, GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant, and 3D Secure. Once the vouchers are distributed, each is fitted with a unique code, and in some cases, a PIN. These measures are key to reducing fraudulent purchases online. When it comes to preventing revenue loss for your property, In1’s Refund Voucher Engine allows you to issue gift cards in place of refunds. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a guest is forced to cancel their hotel stay at the last minute, consider loading the cost of their stay onto a gift voucher. This may then be cashed in at a later, more convenient date. This keeps cash flow buoyant while maintaining sales volume.


Make the Most of Customisable Gifting.

Our sophisticated gift voucher solution is highly customisable. It fits seamlessly into your website, while enhancing your existing branding. Not only is the platform itself customisable, so too are the gift cards you choose to curate. Create themed vouchers for milestones and special occasions. Offer dining and afternoon tea experiences. Promote weekend getaways and unforgettable onsite activities. Get creative and make the most of everything your property has to offer! High quality images and short but enticing descriptions give each offering a lux appeal. Share voucher URLs via social platforms, ezines, onsite QR codes, and more. The In1 Solutions gifting platform is a digital marketing-friendly tool that allows you to maximise brand awareness.


This is tiny glimpse into the features and benefits tied to the In1 Solutions gifting solution. If you’re already a client and would like to explore further avenues to success, why not book a free, one-on-one consultation with a member of our Sales Team? Simply email and we’ll get back to you within one business day. If you’re not already a customer, but are interested in switching to our world-leading gifting platform, feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to arrange a demo and talk you through even more of our phenomenal features.

Then, of course, there’s always our Media page, filled with explainer videos exploring the ins and outs of each of our digital solutions and services. Check it out!