Get the Best Yield from Each Available Room

Jan 25, 2019 | Latest News

Thursday, 5th of July 2012

It is essential for hoteliers to administer full control over their yield strategy. They must be able to manage their rates to ensure the offer and obtain the best rate for each room. In addition, the ability to increase sales with additional (add-on) services, enhancements to a stay, and stay extensions ensure maximum yield. Getting the mix right will secure the highest revenue possible for your property.

In1 Solutions online booking technology enables you to maximise occupancy for each room, with the ability to pool room types. We assist you in up-selling by offering enhancements and additional services (e.g. spa treatments, dining experiences) with our add-on services functionality. Fully integrated PMS, GDS, and channel management solutions mean that you can sell up to the last available room and still offer the best rate. For more information, contact us at