Using PPC and Advocacy to Maxmise Net RevPAR

Jan 27, 2019 | Latest News

In large hotel chains, revenue considerations filter through every level of the organisation. This creates a revenue culture that spans sectors including revenue management, marketing, e-commerce, and sales. It focuses on the strategic and detailed exploration of profitable channels, demand and need, yield management, and cost structures.

Revenue culture doesn’t simply drive more business; it aspires to drive smart business that will generate the most revenue at the lowest cost. A culture centred on revenue will encourage KPIs such as Net RevPAR. This is revenue per available room less the cost of distribution fees, commissions, and transaction fees. It does so against different campaigns, channels, market segments, and corporate accounts to have the clearest understanding of the path to profitable business.

Independent hotels are familiar with the cost of OTA business versus Direct Business, but are you happy that you are implementing the best strategy to maximise Net RevPAR? As an independent hotel, you must fight hard to grow your market share and drive greater awareness of your brand. Often you are given no choice but to avail of the greater distribution reach offered by OTAs. But you should not have to surrender your rightful bookings over to high commission charging third-party websites.

We at In1 maintain a simple philosophy: We defend your brand, grow your direct bookings, and reduce your cost of distribution.

We work by your side to formulate an individualised PPC strategy that best suits your needs. We are passionate about brand advocacy, giving you the tools to expand your marketing reach further around the globe. Innovative social media engagement means your guests spread the word. Brand Advocacy is live within days to a few weeks, comes at an affordable flat fee per month, and can be funded by the savings you make in distribution costs by implementing effective PPC campaigns with In1 Solutions.