Golden Rules for Successful Email Marketing

Jul 11, 2022 | Latest News

Time for some fun facts! According to SmartInsights, more than half the world now uses social media.

We’re talking 4.62 billion people.

That’s absolutely mind-blowing. And chances are, you’re no stranger to its power.

But in putting all your energy into social campaigns, are you neglecting another marketing outlet which boasts an even greater reach?

Yes, you’re read that right. There’s a medium out there with even more active accounts than the various social media platforms combined.

According to 99Firms, the Internet is home to over 7.9 billion email accounts. And that number is growing and by the minute.

The average online user has at least 1.86 email accounts. Gmail alone has over 1.8 billion active users. Approximately 3.13 million emails are sent every second worldwide.

On top of that, 96% of users check email every single day.

That’s a whole lot of potential customers. It’s also a massive amount of competition looking to take the top spot. So, you need to diversify your email communications to be unique, eye-catching, and impactful.

We’ve found email marketing works wonders for our voucher clients. If you send pre-arrival and post-checkout emails to your guests, you’ll multiply voucher sales by advertising your offerings in each.

In pre-arrival emails, for example, invite guests to purchase a voucher for a romantic dinner or spa treatment. We’ve seen evidence of partners purchasing surprise gifts for one another ahead of their stay. This strategy means you’ve already made a sale before your guests even arrive on site.

Similarly, in post-checkout communications, once you’ve thanked the guest for choosing your property, encourage them to come and stay with you again. The email will arrive in their inbox immediately after they depart. The positive experience will be fresh in their mind, inspiring them to either treat themselves or a loved one to another visit.

Top tip: Optimise your email footers! If you advertise the hottest new voucher offerings in your email signature, every external communication serves as a free advertisement.

Helping advise a guest on their upcoming stay? Staff member emails will serve to remind them of the tempting voucher offerings available at your property.

Drive sales up in a cost-effective way. Make the most of email marketing.