This Summer’s Vacation and Staycation Trends

May 10, 2022 | Latest News

Earlier this week on The Brand Mix Instagram (@the_brand_mix_digital), our team wished followers in the Northern hemisphere a fruitful kick-off to the summer season.

School holidays and sun-soaked vacations are just around the corner. And you can bet adventure and travel enthusiasts will be going all out! Looking at the stats, many are predicted to splurge on the getaway of their dreams to make up for lost time.

Approximately 85% of British holidayers are intending to go abroad this summer, while there’s been a 30% decrease, year-on-year, in those who plan to stay local. According to Holiday Pirates, 35% of the UK population abstained from a holiday in 2021. Now, by contrast, they have eyes on all-inclusive beach holidays in the likes of Spain, Greece, Turkey, and the Caribbean.

This is wonderful news for our European clients! As usual, ensure your digital marketing strategies are up to scratch and curate appealing room and voucher offers to stand out from the crowd. We’re always here to offer advice and guidance.

Those of you looking to attract local visitors, place emphasis on the allure of staycations. These may include environmental factors (should the visitor not need to arrive by air), lower cost, no language barrier, shorter travel times, and a sense of adventure bathed in a comforting familiarity. We all have corners of our countries we’ve been wanting to explore but have never gotten around to it. Now’s the time! Especially if the crowds are a more tame in comparison to the height of the pandemic when we couldn’t travel outside our borders at all.

Whoever you’re looking to attract, we’ve got the know-how. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on should you require help with PPC, SEO, vouchers, reservations, graphic design, or digital marketing campaigns.

Happy marketing!