The Brand Mix: In with the New

Jun 9, 2023 | Latest News

Big news! Our partners over at The Brand Mix are officially expanding their offering. Since going live with their new website, they’ve announced a host of additional digital solutions, including more robust data and analytics reports, video production, print design, and creative strategy development.

When it comes to video, they’ve really been giving a taste of what they can do! Visit our Media page to check out our brand new English language videos (Spanish versions to follow over the coming weeks). It’s hard to believe, but since completing the updated video collection, they’ve advanced to an even more powerful editing software, allowing them to work even more efficiently and to a higher resolution. You can bet they’ve so many additional videos in the pipeline. The wheels of innovation and improvement never stop turning.

If you’re looking to avail of any one of The Brand Mix’s digital services, tried and tested or shiny and new, don’t hesitate to reach out to them on They’re long-time experts in Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design and Builds… everything and anything you need to increase your online visibility and performance.