Now You’re Speaking Their Language

Jun 14, 2023 | Latest News

It’s no secret that In1 Solutions’ gifting technology is extremely powerful. We’re market leaders for a reason! When it comes to Features and Benefits, the list is as long as your arm. That’s why we have a video breaking it all down. The solution is fitted with everything you could possibly need to maximise voucher revenue.

So much so, in fact, that when we’re training our clients, we introduce them to the technology bit by bit to maximise retention. For example, once they’ve set up vouchers and categories, we might move on to fitting them with discounts, then making use of hidden offers, then on to corporate bulk buy and aggregator models, and so on. But regardless of the number of functions, the process remains straight-forward with an easy-to-navigate, intuitive backend.

With all that said, there’s something super, super simple you can do. A small addition to your voucher offering that is guaranteed to boost sales. No need for bells and whistles.

You already know our voucher engine is multi-currency and multi-lingual, facilitating ease of use for international and local travellers. You have full control over monetary and language settings in the backend. When it comes to uploading vouchers, our technology will automatically translate the gift card title and the copy featured in the purchase journey. However, given their dynamic nature, when it comes to voucher descriptions, manual translation is the best option.

Are you based in Dubai with your vouchers entirely in English? Or Spain with your offering exclusively in Spanish? Add more languages to your repertoire. Be it Arabic, English, French, Italian. Our technology supports them all!

If people aren’t quite sure what’s included in their gift card purchase as a result of a language barrier, they’re likely to exercise caution and click off. This loss of business is easily remedied. It’s simply a matter of speaking their language. So, take a few minutes to translate your voucher descriptions to a variety of local languages, and it’ll pay off big time.

Should you require any assistance, our team is made up of English, Spanish, Dutch, Afrikaans, and French speakers. We’re happy to lend a hand! Simply contact