In1 Solutions and Savvy: Partnership Producing Profit

Feb 16, 2019 | Latest News

Here at In1 Solutions, our standards of service are uncompromising. As a forward-thinking company, we appreciate fellow innovators. Hence, for several years, we have enjoyed a successful partnership with Savvy.

Savvy’s repertoire is extensive, having worked with accessory companies, eateries, retail outlets, hotels and universities to reduce dependency on traditional monetary transactions. Their emphasis lies in gift cards and prepaid solutions, such as their means-tested MMU Met Card in 2012.

In1 and Savvy have combined their technical and marketing prowess to provide functional, effective, easy-to-use gift card solutions to international hotels, retail outlets and hospitality organisations.

In our previous blog post, we listed some benefits of seasonal voucher offerings. Valentine’s Day and Christmas may spring to mind… But what about St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween? At In1 Solutions, we don’t allow opportunity pass us by, nor do we let it slip through the fingers of our clients.

It is for that reason we also assist you in maintaining voucher offerings year-round. There is always a market for spa breaks, dining experiences, and weekends away. Consult the following voucher tips to maintain and maximise revenue momentum, 365 days a year:

  • Experiences: Add spa treatments, dining offers, or a trip to a local attraction to your voucher offer. The customer will immerse themselves in an all-inclusive experience that will have them coming back for more.
  • Get social: Promote your voucher offering across social media platforms. Better yet, take advantage of our cutting-edge brand advocacy tool.
  • Targeted PPC campaigns: Watch your voucher sales soar with the help a proactive PPC campaign. Track your performance freely by consulting Analytics.
  • Custom design: Make your voucher engine your own. The In1 Solutions online voucher engine is seamlessly integrated into your hotel website. Our designs extend from the look of the engine to the appearance of the voucher or E-Voucher itself.
  • Dedicated landing pages: In1 Solutions builds dedicated landing pages so that you may promote individual voucher categories with ease. Enhance SEO and conversions from tailored online marketing campaigns.
  • Emails and ezines: Frequent communication with your target market will support growth in online voucher sales. Engaging content encourages clicks.

You too could enjoy the benefits of the In1 and Savvy voucher solutions. Contact us today on