It’s Personal: A Tailored Approach

Feb 24, 2020 | Latest News

In previous posts, we’ve highlighted how personalisation is key; “Just like the eponymous Saville Row suit, correct and clever tailoring adds the finishing touch to your marketing campaigns”.

You’re already familiar with this fundamental element of digital marketing… but it’s relevance has increased exponentially. CX, digital customer experience, hyper-personalisation, whatever the title, there’s no doubt about it – personalised campaigns drive higher engagement and conversions.

Advances in digital technology such as machine learning, A.I., and biometric identification have made it easier than ever to deliver customised customer content. Use these advances to deliver more intuitive navigation! Timely and relevant information should be part of every effective digital marketing strategy.

Personalised marketing supports increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. While hyper-personalisation across all channels and points of engagement may not always be achievable, aiming to move from generic campaigns towards personalised marketing will always deliver results.

But remember, personalisation is only one element of your digital toolkit. For this approach to leverage results, combine with a relevant offering, communicated in a engaging, informative manner to create trust in your brand. Highly personalised marketing won’t work in isolation. It needs to be part of a strong digital strategy when the aim is to deliver a tailored approach to a valued customer.

Luckily, that’s our strong suit. Contact In1 Solutions today and watch your brand transform.