How to Be a “Social” Butterfly

Jan 30, 2020 | Latest News

An effective social media strategy is unparalleled in its ability to impact growth. At In1 Solutions, we understand our client base and eliminate concerns about standing out in an oversaturated marketplace.

Almost three decades of experience has equipped us with boundless knowledge of how to succeed online. Follow these tips to begin curating your hotel brand’s social media strategy:

  • The online world is constantly evolving. Establish a grounding foothold by interrogating your objectives and setting achievable, timely goals. Assess your target market and engage accordingly. A recent survey published by Sprout Social demonstrated that 91% of people aged 18-29 frequent YouTube. Meanwhile, 78% of people aged 30-49 are active on Facebook. Instagram is a creative hub for people under 30. Know your market, know your platform.
  • Next, carve out your space online. Tell the story of your brand transparently by creating corporate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube accounts. Be aware of up-and-coming platforms but prioritise those that yield longevity. Facebook isn’t going away any time soon with a reported 93% of marketers continuing to promote their products via the social media giant. Most importantly, your presence on social media provides alternative ways in which your guests can interact with you. Be sure to respond to queries submitted via Facebook or Twitter promptly.
  • Use your platform to deliver diverse content. Promote your hotel brand through text advertisements, videos, images, and competitions. Be sure to show off your brand’s personality, rather than bombarding your audience with a constant flow of advertisements. According to a study by Sprout Social, 46% of social media users unfollow brands that are overly promotional while 41% unfollow corporate pages that share excessive irrelevant information. It’s all about striking a balance.
  • In the age of YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, video is king. Grab your audience’s attention by posting concise, magnetic video content and sharing them across each social media platform. Watch as views climb and attract unprecedented engagement with your hotel brand.
  • Post as consistently as possible. Use the promotional tools at your disposal, such as hashtags and location check-ins. Monitor progress through built-in analytics.
  • Social media pools friends, family, colleagues, and classmates together. As a result, user-generated content can produce staggeringly impressive results in growing your brand online. The In1 Solutions brand advocacy tool is a cutting-edge piece of technology that harnesses the power of your guests to generate brand awareness and revenue growth. Recommendations shared by your guests on their personal social media accounts function as trusted, legitimate testimonials. They are not treated with the same uncertainty as paid advertisements as they are shared freely.
  • There’s a time and a place for everything. Sprout Social published an article detailing what periods throughout the day individuals are most active on social media. Click here to read the article and schedule your posts accordingly.
  • In recent years, employee advocacy has been on the rise. This is a process whereby members of your company’s employment team post about their workplace brand on their own social media accounts. If your employees are passionate about what they do and wish to see your brand succeed, encourage them to speak openly about your brand online.

Feel more equipped to tackle social media and attract thousands of potential guests? Let us offer further guidance. At In1 Solutions, we support you in achieving your goals. Every step of the way. Contact us today on