Optimum Purchase Journey: Language and Currency

Apr 15, 2024 | Latest News

We’re fast approaching peak season for properties based in the Northern Hemisphere. We may be a couple of months out from summer, but customers are already starting to plan and prepare. Soon your property will see an influx of room bookings and gift card purchases. Not long after that, if you play your cards right, you’ll experience a spike in footfall and revenue. There’s no better time than right now to optimise your systems ahead of this increased usage. Don’t leave it until the last minute; You’ll be too caught up in the whirlwind of guests and seasonal events to put concrete plans into action.

Here at In1 Solutions, we’re known for stressing the importance of widespread marketing, a varied gift card catalogue, and product visibility. Today, we’re here to touch on something different but equally crucial to grabbing client attention and maintaining their interest: language and currency options.

Think about it: the Internet connects people all over the world. Travel has become more affordable. What’s to stop customers from distant destinations coming to visit your property? Ensure you’re their top choice by removing barriers to understanding. When you’re making a purchase, it’s essential to understand every detail. After all, you’re committing your time, personal information, and credit card. Maintain international customer confidence every step of the way by offering your services in multiple languages and currencies.

When it comes to imparting advice, we are certain to practise what we preach. Not only are our videos available in both English and Spanish, much of our written and sales materials are also available in several languages. But when it comes to multilingualism, our gifting solution takes the cake!

Having recently added German and Croatian to our vast repertoire, the In1 Solutions gift voucher engine now supports over twenty languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Afrikaans, Russian, Catalan, Romanian, Polish, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Hebrew, Latvian, Arabic, Czech, Japanese, and Portuguese.

To top it off, our gifting solution also supports a host of currencies (not to mention over forty payment gateways). From EUR to GBP to USD to AED to ZAR, and more.

So, why not broaden and diversify your language and currency options to multiply customer reach? Add internationally resonant options to your In1 gifting platform today! Contact to get started.