Locales and Loyalty

Apr 15, 2021 | Latest News

This time last year, there was panic and uncertainty, and while that’s still something our society is struggling with, the resilience, not only of our clients, but the population at large is inspiring and drives us all forward.

Your customers, now more than ever, want to support you. They understand the blow that’s hit local businesses over the last almost 12 months and, just like you, want to do all they can to keep their favourite spots open.

Travelling abroad is accompanied by many restrictions and laced with uncertainty. But travelling around our own countries feels safer. It also provides the opportunity to give back to our communities. Across the globe, “loyalty” and “locales” are the words on everyone’s lip. Support the properties and brands you love. Particularly those that are homegrown.

The #supportlocal movement is still going strong. And while the world may be teetering between lockdowns, vaccinations are on the horizon and the future looks bright.

We urge you to get your voucher offering up and running. Customers can buy now, add a pep to their step, and redeem once they feel comfortable.

Complement your voucher offerings with dedicated landing pages, ezines, regular social media updates. Anything and everything to get the word out.

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