Planning for a Better Future

Mar 5, 2021 | Latest News

The last year has shown us how quickly travel trends and consumer habits can change. While most of the factors that have driven these changes have been outside of our control, we can make informed decisions when defining strategies for future growth.

Late last year, Google released Travel Insights designed to help the travel and hotel sectors make the right decisions. This was accompanied with real-time data to support informed strategies that will define a stronger, more resilient industry.

Last November our article on Changing Travel Trends highlighted how wider-ranging changes in travel trends need to be factored into your strategy to support a return to growth. This includes flexible bookings, safe and socially distant travel, sustainability, health and wellness, alongside a stronger connection to nature and more personalised travel.

Over the last year, the hospitality industry has been resilient and quick to adapt to changes in the marketplace, maintaining agility in your digital marketing strategy will ensure your business is best placed for whatever the future holds. Combining timely data and insights with fit-for-purpose technology solutions and creative digital campaigns will ensure your business stands out online.

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