Marketing Ideas to Maximise Gift Voucher Sales throughout the Year

Feb 22, 2021 | Latest News

Gift Vouchers are not just for Christmas. There are plenty of opportunities to generate strong voucher sales throughout the year.
From seasonal events such as Valentines, Mother’s Day and Easter, to customised campaigns for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, gift vouchers provide a safe and flexible way to celebrate life!
To get the most from your voucher strategy, you need to start planning early and create custom campaigns for each offer that best suit the market and your product offering.


Valentine’s Day: Vouchers are a great way to let someone you love know you care. They can offer a wide range experiences, from spa breaks to romantic dinners to luxury getaways. Start marketing early with creative campaigns that inspire. Remember to think outside the box; in difficult times like these, sending a gift to anyone you love allows them to plan for the future.


Mother’s Day & Father’s Day: Every spring billions are spent in recognition of one thing: Mothers. These days, some favourite gift options, such as dinner out or a spa trip, are limited due to Covid-19 restrictions. With many retailers facing shipping and supply issues, an online gift card will become the gift of choice this Mother’s Day. The perfect way to show you care, even if you cannot be there! And don’t forget Dad! A gift card will be the easiest and safest way to mark the occasion. As for most seasonal campaigns, keep promoting on the day as an estimated 10% of purchasers leave it til the last minute to send a gift.


Easter: We could all do with some more celebrations in our life right now but for the moment, most will have to be virtual or in small bubbles. Normally Easter is a time for sending chocolates, having Easter egg hunts or dinner with the family, but this year, sending a gift voucher for a fun experience will be a great way for customers to spread some positivity! Dedicated landing pages, with fun and engaging imagery and gift experiences that appeal to their sense of celebration will work well. Or for those who cannot have a large family meal this year, a dining voucher will tick all the boxes.


Bank Holidays: Bank Holidays could be a good time to promote special offers or sales, away from the noise and increased competition of Black Friday. You can either offer vouchers with a discount or an added value. Consider running a limited offering to create a sense of urgency!


Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Over the last few years, this campaign has become one of the busiest voucher sale periods of the year .It can run from three days to over a week. With increased competition on discounted offerings and marketing spend, the key is to start early. Be creative and promote across all channels and media. Mix up the offering with Flash Sales, hourly deals or early access for loyalty.


Christmas Period: The Festive Season delivers the lion’s share of voucher revenue. The key to getting the most from this period is to start early and maintain regular and timely communications with your target market. Add some holly and tinsel to your voucher products by creating custom voucher experiences for the Festive Season! Remember to promote after the 25th as many still send last-minute gifts after the big day.


New Year: For many years, the January Sale has been a much-anticipated event for retail, hospitality and travel enthusiasts. In the times we live in, a January gift voucher promotion is a great way to offer a value offering that is safe and flexible, allowing the recipient to plan for the future and redeem at a time that suits them.


Special Occasions: Birthdays, anniversaries… Vouchers are the perfect gift for all celebrations! Running regular campaigns, supported by dedicated landing pages and an inspiring gift guide will drive year round voucher sales as well as strengthening engagement with your brand.


Wedding Gifts: Creating a dedicated wedding gift offering, supported by SEO, paid advertising campaigns (PPC), and regular social shares will allow you to tap into the wedding market. The flexibility and convenience afforded by gift cards makes them perfect wedding present. If a cash voucher feels too impersonal, customers can gift a personalised experiences. So, ensure your property has these enabled to appeal to the wedding gifting market!


Encourage Treating Oneself: An increasing percentage of people purchase a gift voucher to treat themselves. Use creative social campaigns, include ideas on how to spoil yourself on landing pages and online gift guides, and promote throughout the year – because we are all worth it!