Looking Back to the Future

7 June 2019


Friday, 7th of June 2019

Over the course of our blogging journey at In1 Solutions, we have made our mission clear: to anticipate changes in the marketplace, keeping our clients one step ahead of their competitors.

In previous posts, we’ve updated our followers on what’s to come. We’ve advised of Digital Trends to Keep in Mind for 2019Transformations in Twenty-First Century Travel, and how to gain the upper hand in what will inevitably become a wholly digitised society. Today, we’re looking back to the future.

Since its origins, products of the Sci-Fi genre have boasted narratives that once seemed far-fetched. Now, with each passing day, we are hurtling ever closer to a society wherein their fictional technologies become a reality. Let’s take a look at some emerging trends in the hospitality industry that almost seem too futuristic to be true:

  1. Robots: It may seem like a cliché starting point, but robots are no longer the punchline of a distant future. The Hilton Hotel in McLean, Virginia is fronted by Connie, a “Watson-enabled robot concierge”. The two-foot tall robot offers advice on sightseeing, dinner reservations, and onsite directions. Meanwhile, the Henn na Hotel in Tokyo is the world’s first robot-staffed hotel. These courteous, multi-lingual robots serve as points of contact for local information, front desk staff, and luggage porters.
  2. Virtual Reality: As VR continues to gain prominence in contemporary society, hotels are experimenting with 360-degree imaging technology for advertising purposes. Guests can gain a better idea of the reception area, rooms on offer, and local attractions prior to making their booking.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT): IoT aims to extend Internet and network activity to everyday objects to heighten automation. By collecting data on user preferences, stationary objects are transformed into semi- or fully autonomous Smart Room service carts, for example, are being developed to independently arrive at a guest’s room to deliver their meal.
  4. Big Data: By pooling massive amounts of data on user preferences, hotels, hospitality organisations, and travel agents are beginning to generate automated recommendations based on factors such as budget, previous vacation destinations, age, gender, and more. Guests will be enticed by personalised offers, all the while, beyond data protection, the systems will require minimal maintenance.

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